Best riding jackets under 15000
Best riding jackets under 15000

Best riding jackets under 15000

The best riding jackets in India – The FUSE

The best riding jackets in India there are a lot and yet none to satisfy all the parameters. After all, humans do not have spare parts and are neither immortal. However, we before we look our best options, lets get the basic parameters in place. Lets FUSE it together:

  • Fitting
  • Utility
  • Safety
  • Expenditure


The best riding jackets in India – Fitting

Typically, a riding jacket is not just safety equipment, also it is apparel. Whoever you may be fitting is thus essential. The right fit keeps you in the comfort zone no matter what the weather conditions are. Now, with the onset of summer we will speak about jackets that are summer friendly and yet can be used all year round.

Also, along with fit colours matter too. Some motorcyclists prefer bright colors for visibility reasons. So also, others prefer subtle designs for a minimalistic look. But then again there are jackets that with a minimal color scheme do stand out.


The best riding jackets in India – Utility

You are a high-flying corporate with a smartphone worth a lakh of rupees or so. Maybe white-collar employee or a college student who saved up for this premium cellular phone. Irrespective of the reason, the cell phone needs a pocket where it not only fits in, but is also safe from immediate hazards like water and dust. Also, you will need storage for your wallet, spare keys etc. In the current situation, add in a mask and sanitizer.


The best riding jackets in India – Safety

It is highly unlikely that one be involved in an incident, we do firmly believe in the “Ride Hard Ride Safe” motto. However, there should be any compromise on the level of protection and technology that aids the functioning or the armours. Be it in terms of level of protection, the safety rating or structure of the armours, there are a host of armor specifications available in the riding jacket market today.

Also do keep in mind:

Weight of the product – For “tall” riders, the weight of the product will not matter. However, for average build riders and ladies, on long tours the “weight could be overbearing”

Level of safety – Lightweight armor with a low safety rating is definitely best avoided. However, the current trends in technology is making the armor lighter yet safer than its predecessors. Based on the use of the riding jacket, you need to get the best possible safety rating available today.

The best riding jackets in India: Expenditure – riding jackets under 15000/-

Ideally, the expenditure intended or budget is the first parameters we tend to look at. Buying a substandard riding jacket or a “budget riding jacket” is as easy as walking across a busy road without looking at the oncoming traffic. So also, going the extra mile to buy “premium riding jacket” can attract criticism from near and dear ones. Once you are well versed about the type of jackets available with regards to the above three points all you need to do is filter out a range of jackets based on your maximum budget. In case you run short, save a little more and then buy it. Alternatively, there are some store that do offer you EMI and other options to get your choice of jacket.

Pro-tip – in case there is a flash sale on higher priced jackets it is likely that it will fit in your budget.


To give you a head start we will share a list of a few brands we like. So let’s take a look at a few of them. Click on the links/ photos below to read more about them:

1. RR Gear Raptor

RRGear Raptor jacket review

RRGear Raptor jacket – 4500


2. Mototech Air Scrambler


Scrambler Air Motorcycle Riding Jacket v2 – 6,950/-


3. Scala Gears Marvel

scala marvel

Scala Gears Marvel L2 Jacket – 6,999/-



4. SHIMA OPEN AIR – Mesh Jacket

Shima OPENAIR jacket – 12,999/-