Motorcycle buying tips for beginners
Motorcycle buying tips for beginners

Motorcycle buying tips for beginners

Haathi mat paalo has been doing the rounds. Not only on celluloid or social media but also in various motorcycling circles online as well as offline. The creative teams of marketing houses labour to make their concept viral. Also, they attempt to influence us the prospective customers to give the product in question a second look. It is them who at the end of the day reap the profits and walk away with the prize.


Don’t buy it if you cannot push it

Not too long ago with this person in question who in conversation happened to blurt out, “don’t buy it if you cannot push it”. Referring to her stead, that she had the honour of pushing it to the fuel bunk. This was on an odd occasion when the two-wheeler ran out on fuel. She was glad to state that before opting for the scooterette she made sure she was able to push it. It is rather odd for a woman to look at the finer aspects. This, as a matter of fact has become a trend among female motorcyclists.

The Magnifying glass

While purchasing a two-wheeler they go over the fine print. She does not stop at getting an opinion from family and friends. She also painstakingly takes time out to research about the vehicle in question. Taking it to the next level, she would take a couple of test rides. This is to see how well it suits her riding style. In this case she looked at the simplest yet toughest task. That of getting the scooterette off the road, should there be a breakdown for any reason.


The “Brand wagon” folly

Running after a specific brand or model to jump on the fame or adrenaline (read “ego pumping”) bandwagon is in fact gender neutral. The sparse number of female motorcyclists as compared to the male counter parts has given the common folk a different perspective altogether. Falling prey to following the trend is what leads these types of buyers to re-sale forums.  To list their sparingly used vehicles for sale. Little do they know that it is not just lack of research. It is also a short fall in the perseverance levels and the primary reason for this downfall.  There is a lot to be spoken about this (which will be taken up in the future).

However, whoever you are irrespective of gender, age or economic stability do not end up buying a white elephant bole to.. “Safed haathi mat paalo !! “


For the love of motorcycling images of any fossil fuel powered two-wheelers have not been posted. This is purely a think before you buy themed post not limited to “CC” or kitna deti. Please be practical before buying. Do not just follow the trend just to jump on the train. Irrespective of gender, economic stability or any other demographic attribute that sets you apart from another – “BE AN INFORMED BUYER”.