DIRTLOGUE100 and GDIOT to setup INDIA’s 1st RC Café in Pune

DIRTLOGUE100 and GDIOT to setup INDIA’s 1st RC Café in Pune

DIRTLOGUE100  and GDIOT to setup INDIA’s 1st RC Café in Pune.

DIRTLOGUE100 GDIOT to setup INDIA’s 1st RC Café in Pune –  the background

Now-a-days RC Motorsports, dirt biking, FPV Drone flying, Aeromodelling, Stargazing, Robotics these hobbies are getting popular in India. Its hard to find the right community and like-minded people to explore these hobbies. GDIOT and DIRTLOGUE100 have partnered together to setup India’s 1st RC Café where hobby enthusiasts can come and explore the thrill of Remote Control Cars, Dirt bikes, FPV Drones and a lot more.

At India’s first RC cafe in Pune here are the segments you can look forward to:  

  • RC Cars
  • FPV Drones
  • Racing robots
  • Exploring Space (Stargazing)
  • Wrestling robots
  • Football playing robots

 Sharing his thoughts with us on the launch of the RC café here is what Mukul Nanda, Co- founder had to say:

“At Dirtlogue, our aim is to create a fun arena for all kinds of enthusiasts. This, not only for the riders taking on the motorcycle track but their friends and family that accompany them should also have fun stuff to do. That’s how we decided to take our RC car and drone passion to the next level with our friends at Gdiot who have collaborated to create planned training and weekends for people interested”


Speaking to The Upshifters India team here is what Vikrant Arun Patil, CEO, GDIOT INNOVATIONS LLP had to say:

“With a vision to Empower, Educate and Excel 1 million Hobbyists to RC Motorsports, Drone flying, Aeromodelling, Robotics, Astronomy etc. I started this journey 4 years back. With the vision and idea of bringing Technical hobbies in India as a career Opportunity which has never been acknowledged by the Society”


About Dirtlogue 100

A 100% about getting dirty with a motorcycle!

The dirt track is spread over 33,000 sq feet with a 100M special leg obstacle course created to test riders skills on DIRT!  Dirtlogue100 is a concept created by Autologue Design and 100KMPH to tap into the growing interest of enthusiasts in trail riding and off-road skill gain. Dirtlogue100 aims at creating a course that tests and trains riders to tackle all situations that they could face while trail riding. Aiming to make it the ULTIMATE trail test!



Plot 197, Kirti Nagar – 3, (Off Hinjewadi – Marunje)

Near Xrbia Complex, Dattawadi.

P.O. Punawale,

Pune, Maharashtra 411057, India


Timings – Dirt track open on:

Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 18.00

Saturday: 08.00 – 17.00

Sunday: 08.00 – 17.00


Connect with Dirtlogue here



Dirtlogue100 on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dirtlogue100/

Dirtlogue100 Website – https://www.dirtlogue100.com/shop-1



GDIOT is India’s 1st TECH-HOBBY startup which integrates different hobbies with Education and Entertainment. GDIOT is professional platform which provides trained and highly skilled buggy, drone pilots for broadcasters, filmmakers and adventure sports companies which makes easy onboarding of professional pilots. Gdiot is also manufacturing India’s 1st 3D Printed RC car, best in class competitive Robotics kits, Customized LOS & FPV freestyle and racing drones.

GDIOT has also signed MOU with Top educational institutes in India reason behind that is to help young minds to innovate, build entrepreneurial mindset, identify and up skill their talent.

GDIOT Website Link:  https://www.gdiotinnovations.com/

GDIOT Instagram Link: https://instagram.com/gdiotinnovations?utm_medium=copy_link

GDIOT LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gdiot-innovations



About the Dirtlogue Creators

Autologue Design

stands for innovative products & solutions driven by automotive dialogues. It was launched in 2013 by Mukul Nanda, a Transport Designer, and Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, with an objective to inspire passionate bikers like themselves to break free from the boundaries of what is offered to everyone and instead transform it into their exclusive possession.

“Our aim is to bring Indian automotive designing at par with global standards. We are constantly updating ourselves with current trends in international designs. Thereby making sure that the modern Indian enthusiast  gets what he or she aspires for and deserves. To make sure that our end products meet quality standards, most of the detailing & manufacturing processes are kept in-house to ensure that our products are truly top-notch.” – Mukul Nanda

To connect with Autologue Design click here



100kmph is a lifestyle brand for the speed loving community around the world and proudly made in INDIA. 100kmph describes the Speed, a Feeling that nothing in this world could overcome when you are riding your beloved motorcycle or driving your car. It’s a bombardment of the senses and a pure display of passion.

100kmph is dedicated to everyone who is in love with anything that rolls on wheels, who has the adrenaline rush for speed and for all petrolheads for whom their Motorcycle and Car is life for them. Being India’s first automotive apparel and accessories brand whose in-house designs are dedicated to the world of the automotive enthusiast. A one of a kind in house designs that you cannot find anywhere else. If you are an automotive enthusiast and want to wear your passion; then you are at the right place.